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From the Track into the Ring

Thoroughbreds have deep roots in American history. Many people grew up watching this iconic breed race at blistering speeds around the track. Some of the best riders, trainers, and breeders in the hunter jumper world will tell story after story of their Thoroughbreds that were part of their long careers. Thoroughbreds in history have topped the leaderboards in a multitude of disciples including Eventing, Hunters, and Show Jumping. Horses such as Bernie Traurig's Circuit Breaker and Gozzi lead the hunters. Molokai, ridden by Dorothy Crowell, and Bally Cor with Tad Coffin are just a few of the eventing Thoroughbreds. Kathy Kusner's Untouchable, George Morris's Sinjon and Nigt Owl, and the memorable Gem Twist, ridden by Gregg Best have helped to shape show jumping. 

In a world full of warmbloods, Jaax LLC looked for something different. Something that was going to stand out. Something that people will remember. Liz's first Thoroughbred project, Black Tie Affair, was a 5 yr old 17.3 black gelding that held a special spark in his eye. She brought him along from ground poles to 1.10m jumpers before he was sold. She then acquired a gangly three year old gelding that is currently schooling the 3' Hunters and Eq and giving intermediate lessons in her program.

Looking to change the stigma of the American Thoroughbred, Jaax Equestrian is working to show the diversity and athleticism of the breed. Whether our Thoroughbreds come to the program through private sale or purchase through a rescue program, we evaluate and slowly re-start each horse to best suit their ability. We have found that Thoroughbreds have a willing yet sensitive nature that can't be beat. With the right start to their new career, they can excel in any ring. 

Black Tie Affair

17.3hh Jumper/Eventer Gelding

Danny Boy

16.2hh 2009 Equitation/Jumper Gelding

Formally Spanish Pride

4 Starts with $1,667 in earnings


Always Remembered


Adopted from New Vocations (KY)

15.2hh 2009 Jumper Gelding

Formally Potenial Plus

9 Starts with $6,677 in earnings

"While some of the top Olympic athletes may not be full Thoroughbreds, is it almost always a fact that they have Thoroughbred ancestors.

So the Thoroughbred, either full or in part, is the 'fountainhead' from which most athletic horses descend, and that is not likely to change in the foreseeable future." 

- Denny Emerson


16.1hh 2009 Hunter Mare

Formally Bruno's Petelle


Prince Ali

16.1hh 2007 Dressage Gelding

Formally Sunray Way

21 Starts with $17,319 in earnings

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