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Our Facilities

Our barn features

  • Eight 10 x 12 ft. stalls. 

  • One isolation stall for any incoming members to the barn

  • One foaling stall

Please call Liz (316) 218-3634 for boarding availability.

We do not offer public boarding. Lesson and training availability only.
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We offer 2 outdoor arenas for training and riding. Members of the barn will have the option between a large 100 x 200 ft jumping arena as well as a 150 x 70 ft dressage/flat work arena for all of their horses exercise needs. Both arenas are fenced in for rider and horse safety and we are in the process of providing all weather footing as well.

All horses deserve a chance to stretch their legs!

 We offer:

  • One large pasture turnout

  • Four dry paddocks


All turnout areas are either pipe or electric fencing

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As Jaax Equestrian continues to grow we look forward to many improvements to the facility. Current plans include additions of:

  •  2 large 12 x14 ft stalls

  • Personal lockers for all boarders

  • Pony shelters/stalls

  • 2 tack/grooming stations 

  • Full indoor wash rack

  • Expanded turnout opportunities

We are excited to grow our facility along with our growing program! Check back for updates as we bring this additions to life.