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Our Training Packages


It is important for horses to have a correct start to their training. Following a initial consultation meeting, each horse is evaluated individually to develop a specific training regime based on nutrition, condition, and owner goals. All training horses are constantly under professional instruction to insure constant improvement and learning.


All training packages are billed on a monthly basis. Each package is designed to benefit each horse and can be changed slightly to fit both your horse's and your own needs. Our goal is to create a lasting bond between horse and owner whether your goals are to fit the horse with a new owner or head for the show ring. We are here for you and your horse.

Single Package Options


Single Training Ride- $35 per hour


Full Training Package- $500

Partial Training Package- $350


Marketing Package- $550


  • Full marketing services

  • Full Training Package

  • Show training fees are waived

All training packages require your horse or pony to be boarded at our facility at the current boarding rate. Board includes a stall, daily turn out, and full daily care.

All sale horses are subject to commission fees.

15% for sale under $10,000 

10% for sale over $10,000

Also offered is our Custom Sales Package with custom rates.

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