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Our Lesson Program


Lessons are the backbone of any program. Safety and confidence are key concepts that are taught in our program. In every lesson we work to build every riders self esteem while teaching new skills. Competitive riding is highly encouraged as it creates goals for the riders, making progressive learning easy and fun! While we have a great team of lesson horses and ponies, we are also available for haul in lessons or boarding options for students that wish to join our program with their own horse. Reach out today to check for boarding availability.


With a tuition based program, riders are able to ride in as many classes as they are qualified for each week. This allows for riders to ride in one lesson a week or multiple without adding to their monthly bill. Our goals for riders is that they become well rounded by riding different types of horses and getting as many hours in the saddle as their schedule allows. We offer both jumping and flat classes along with a weekly horsemanship class option. We also can offer unmounted teaching opportunities to students who want to explore teaching others. Privates lessons are available on a limited schedule for an additional fee. 

Not only do we offer lessons to students with prior experience, we also teach students above the age of 5 with little or no experience. Students with little to no experience are taught in private lessons until they are able to join in on the Beginner Group lessons. Beginner Privates also are required to attend the Beginner Horsemanship class until graduating to Group Classes. 

Due to our show schedule, we will not schedule permanent lessons on Saturday as local shows, our Mock Shows, and clinics are often scheduled on Saturdays. November- March, the schedule will change slightly to allow for more daylight riding and less riding in the dark. 

The month of August is an annual barn-wide break for all the horses, lesson and competition horses alike. This allows for not only the horses to have a well deserved break in the hottest month of the year but also gives students a needed break as they head back to school. 

In times of extreme heat or cold (above 95 degrees or below 20 degrees) or in times of conflicted weather, horsemanship lessons may be offered instead of mounted lessons. 

Weekly Group Class Schedule-
2024 Summer Schedule (April- October)


Monday- No Lessons


4:00- Intermediate Flat

5:00- Advanced Flat

6:00- Beginner Flat


Reserved for Private Lessonss (call for availability)


4:00pm- Intermediate Jumping 18”

5:30pm Beginner Jumping


4:00- Intermediate Jumping 2’+


No scheduled lessons. Reserved for shows, clinics, etc.

Sunday- (as schedule allows)

9:00- Advanced Flat

10:00am- Beginner Flat

Flat Lessons- 60 min

Jumping Lessons- 90 min

Horsemanship Lessons- 60 min

Schedule times will adjust back one hour to account for high heat from June-July.

If you ar wanting lessons higher than offered in the group lesson heights, this can be offered in private lessons or a group will be created to accommodate multiple riders. 



Monthly Tuition- $230 per month*

Private Lessons- $50/hr**

*Tuition pricing based on a 46 week year to account for 6 weeks/year of breaks (August + 2 additional weeks for holidays and vacation). Tuition is due monthly. 

**Private lessons are offered as the schedule allows for both in-barn and haul-in lessons. Lesson payment is due at the time of each lesson. 

ALL LESSONS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY- Riders must attend a consultation and a placement lesson before signing up for group lessons. Please call or text to set up a consultation meeting. 

Please bring Student Information and Liability Forms to your Consultation Meeting

Liability Forms- Adult and Minor

Show Fees - Coaching/Horse care
Schooling: $25 per non-show day

Coaching: $50 per day

**Groom: $30 per horse per day (tip not included)


Splits: Expenses equally split among clients.

  •  Includes tack stalls, grooming stalls, and traveling expenses.

  • Show specific fees do not apply to spit

** only available for select shows

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