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meira go show 2017



Our riding program emphasizes safe and correct basics from beginners to advanced riders. The program focuses on all aspects of horsemanship, correct riding, and competitive riding. 

Just like humans, horses demand a correct start. We specialize in young horse training and offer several affordable and convenient packages for all horses. Each horse is initially evaluated before a customized training plan is created. 

Competitive showing has a multitude of benefits whether it be problem solving while on course or making new friends back in the barns while waiting for your class. Our specialized lesson program is designed with the rider in mind with option to take multiple lessons throughout the week.

We offer everything from a tune up ride before a show to full training packages. Our program is tailored to meet the every want and need of a competition horse or pony. Get your horse signed up today!


Thoroughbreds are the backbone of American riding. They come in all shapes and sizes and personalities. We have extensive experience bringing along Thoroughbreds directly off the track or already re-started in a new career. We strive to give these amazing horses a personal program to help them achieve their greatest potential. 

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