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Colorado Week 2

July 13, 2014

Ahhh, it is the end of Week 2 and let me tell you, I am ready to head home and sleep for hours on end. I love the horse shows but man do I hate getting up at the crack of dawn. Even going to bed at 9 PM (yes… I said 9 PM), 4:30 comes around way too fast.

Hayley came out Monday afternoon and we wasted no time getting caught up with each other. We spent a couple hours walking around the show grounds just catching up like a couple of teenage girls on what we missed in each others’ lives. You know how you just connect with some people? Yeah, Hayley and I are like kindred souls. Sorry to get all ‘mushy’ on you, Hayley, if you ever end up reading this!! In all seriousness, it is true. New best friends!! (She even got me started on SnapChat… that was a feat…)

Got my first experience going to and hanging out in a laundromat. I don’t think I will be going back any time soon but hey it was a good experience I guess… Brad came with me and we did everyone’s laundry with about half of Colorado’s population. It was a mad house! When everyone wants the big washers and the dryers, it makes for one very long laundry run… Anyway, we got in and out of there in several thousand hours (but I would prefer that to another all nighter unpacking…) and headed back to the show grounds where I proceeded to jump on a just arrived Hayley.

I have some really great news to tell everyone!!! The Game Ready and I have officially became best friends!! Okay, so the Game Ready is an ice compression machine that runs ice cold water through hoses and into these awesome pressure boots. Game Readying yourself is the greatest thing ever, by the way. If you ever have the chance, you should try it out. Originally, the Game Ready was meant for human athletes like football players after games and so on. Some genius of course took the idea and made a horse compatible machine too. So it is these boots that cover the forearm to the hoof on the front legs and the hock to hoof on the back and create this wonderfully cold pressure sensation for a thirty minute session. Most of the horses love it and will stand quiet as can be (unless the horse is a six year old toddler type that figures out how to unclip himself from the cross ties… ). I got to sit back in the barns all these two weeks and run the Game Ready and other therapy machines while making sure that everyone got to where they needed to be. It was fairly awesome :) So back to the Game Ready… The machine is notoriously finicky. It is never happy and if it isn’t faking being hot, it is beeping incessantly at you. But I am oh so very proud to say that I am now the master of the Game Ready! It was very well behaved as long as I kept a steady flow of ice available. Considering that in Kentucky the Game Ready would heat up upon my touch, the fact that it was well behaved all this time is quite impressive!

The first part of the week the impossible happened… It was quite from the barn beside us. No Bruno. Yes, I will repeat that. No… Bruno… No yelling, not yowling, no dog. The silence was wonderful, let me tell you. It was a well enjoyed part of the week until one morning Vondo and I were getting some horses ready and we hear an all too familiar voice yelling at an equally familiar dog… Yes… Bruno was back.

More next week of my relaxing week at home :) Ta ta for now!

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